Prayer of Recognition:

 I invite you to look at the Divine One standing, Solitary and Glorious in the midst of the people of the New Age and to say boldly to that Shining Presence:

"I see you transcending all human conditions, unweighted by matter, unshadowed by fear, free, flawless, triumphant. I know the child of God, the Angel of God's Presence the Cure and Peace and Strength of all Creation. I look now to Everlasting Life, shedding forth the Radiance of the Everlasting Kingdom. All people are gathered into Life ever renewing, into Health ever restoring, into Wisdom ever brightening and rejoicing. All people are gathered and up home in Beauty and Love and Might, by Thee, O Free Spirit Victorious Christ, facing me with face shining as the Sun and raiment while as the Light, transfiguring the Whole earth with living triumph!!" And so it is.

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