Each month, there will be a new bible lesson to read.


Luke 20: 9-19

"Ay free, aft han', your story tell. 

When wi' a bosom cronie;

But still keep something to yourself

Ye scarcely tell to onie" - Burns

The stone which the builder rejected is become the head of the corner." -  Luke, the Physician

The difference between these lessons and other lessons is that they touch the silent notes in the Bible sections chosen for the international study. These pick up the seldom-quoted passages of Scripture, the texts which even the concordance ignore. One text in point is that one about it being as great a violence against the Jesus Christ dispensation to kill an ox as a man. Another is that one about the God eyes, that never behold evil, yet do indeed behold everything there is. They refer often and often to the ignored doctrine of the unreality of the phenomenal world, the unsubstantial pageantry of nature with which the Bible is full and which the old philosophers discovered and taught.