Emma Curtis Hopkins was a new thought healer, theologian, teacher, and writer who actively ordained women for ministerial positions through her theological seminary, which came to be known as the Theological Seminary of Chicago. Emma Curtis Hopkins was called the "teacher of teachers" because a number of her students went on to found their own churches or to become prominent in the New Thought Movement. She was not only a teacher of teachers. From every walk of life, authors, artists, preachers, homemakers-came to her for instruction and she touched them with the quickening power of her illumined soul. This tribute was paid to her in Unity (1925): "Her brilliance of mind and spirit was so marked that the very few could follow in her metaphysical flights, yet she had marked power in quickening spirituality in her students." (Scientific Mental Christian Practice, 1958).

When the rose opens her calyx and faces the sky in all the perfume of her splendor she is risen. Jesus opened his eyes on high and the perfume of His life is now shedding its deathless sweetness all over this earth. He is still watching God and so his Godly radiance is penetrating all the world.

Prayer of Recognition

I invite you to look at the Divine One standing
Solitary and Glorious in the midst of the people of
the New Age and to say boldly to that Shining

"I see you transcending all human conditions,
unweighted by matter, unshadowed by fear; free,
flawless, triumphant.

I look now to the Child of God, the Angel of God's
Presence, the Cure and Peace and Strength of all

I look now to Everlasting Life, shedding forth the
Radiance of the Everlasting Kingdom.

All people are gathered into Life ever renewing, into
Health ever restoring, into Wisdom ever brightening
and rejoicing.

All people are gathered and upborne in Beauty and
Love and Might by Thee, O Free Spirit, Victorious
Christ, facing me with face shining as the Sun and
raiment white as the Light, transfiguring the Whole
earth with living triumph!"


Steadfastly Facing Thee
There is no evil on my pathway;
Steadfastly Facing Thee
There is no matter with its laws;
Seadfastly Facing Thee
There is no loss, no lack, no absence, no deprivation
Steadfastly Facing Thee
There is nothing to fear, for there shall be no power to hurt;
Steadfastly facing Thee
There is neither sin nor sickness nor death,

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